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Looking After Lindy:  A SANCTUM novel    A new Age Play community has opened!  

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Grace:  Dr. RIchards' Littles 24


The Magic of Twelve:  Pearl

The Keepers:  Pien 

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About Pepper North's books

Like to read about unconventional relationships?

Pepper North is famous for her Dr. Richards' Littles books which combine adult, age play relationships with specialized medical care and treatment to keep Littles healthy.  If you like your age play stories with a hint of magic, try Pepper's newest series The Magic of Twelve.  Violet's story is now available on Amazon!  

Looking for a new author who creates stories that excite?

There's a Pepper North book that right for you.  Try The Magic of Twelve series if you like your stories with a touch of magic and a sorceror.  The Keepers series takes humans to a whole new planet of adventures.  Dr. Richards' Littles has captured the hearts of many.  Will yours be next?

Find Pepper North's books on Amazon!

Many of Pepper's books are available through Kindle Unlimited. 

Dr. Richards’ Littles

A beloved age play series that features Littles who find their forever Daddies and Mommies. Dr. Richards guides and supports their efforts to keep their Littles happy and healthy.

Zoey:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 1

Amy:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 2

Carrie:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 3

Jake:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 4

Angelina:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 5

Brad:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 6

The Digestive Health Center:  Susan’s Story

Charlotte:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 7

Sofia and Isabella:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 8

Cecily:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 9

Tony:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 10

Abigail:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 11

Madi:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 12

Penelope:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 13

Christmas with the Littles & Wendy:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 14

Olivia:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 15

Matty & Emma:  Dr. Richards’ Littles 16

Fiona: Dr. Richards’ Littles 17

Oliver: Dr. Richards’ Littles 18

Luna: Dr. Richards’ Littles 19

Lydia & Neil: Dr. Richards’ Littles 20

A Little Vacation South of the Border

Roxy: Dr. Richards’ Littles 21

Dr. Richards’ Littles: First Anniversary Collection

Jillian: Dr. Richards’ Littles 22

Hunter: Dr. Richards’ Littles 23

Dr. Richards Littles: MM Collection

Grace: Dr. Richards' Littles 24

Dr. Richards' Littles PLAYTIME Collection


Pepper North introduces you to an age play community that is isolated from the surrounding world. Here Littles can be Little, and Daddies can care for their Littles and keep them protected from the outside world.

Sharing Shelby: A SANCTUM Novel

Looking After Lindy

The Keepers

This series from Pepper North is a twist on contemporary age play romances. Here are the stories of humans cared for by specially selected Keepers of an alien race. These are science fiction novels that age play readers will love!

The Keepers:  Payi

The Keepers: Pien

The Magic of Twelve

The Magic of Twelve features the stories of twelve women transported on their 22nd birthday to a new life as the droblin (cherished Little one) of a Sorcerer of Bairn. These magic wielders have waited a long time to take complete care of their droblin’s needs. They will protect their precious one to their last drop of magic from a growing menace. Each novel is a complete story.

The Magic of Twelve:  Violet

The Magic of Twelve:  Marigold

The Magic of Twelve: Hazel

The Magic of Twelve: Sienna

The Magic of Twelve: Pearl

Other Titles

The Digestive Health Center:  Susan’s Story

Electrostatic Bonds