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Meet Pepper

Get to Know Pepper North, International  Best‑Selling Author of Romance Novels

With a special talent for creating age play novels, Pepper North is a hybrid author whose talent for sharing beloved characters has hooked readers worldwide with her captivating novels. She takes great pride in her works and can't wait to share more Littles' stories.


Her Works

After publishing her first book, Zoey: Dr Richards’ Littles 1 in July 2017, Pepper now has more than 50 books and collections available on Amazon in four series. Since then, she has become one of the e-commerce site’s most popular erotic authors.

She credits all her success to her endearing fans, the writing community, and her dedication to writing.

Contact Pepper - For more information about her addictive books

For more information about her addictive books, get in touch with Pepper. She is looking forward to hearing from both new and experienced readers!